New Startups

Whether you are newly self employed or thinking about setting up your own limited company, we can walk you through the process and ensure you are set up correctly from the start.

We understand that launching a new venture in the entertainment industry can be an exciting yet challenging endeavour, and our London accountants are here to offer our expertise and guidance to help you navigate the path to success.

As specialist accountants in the entertainment industry, we have a deep understanding of the unique opportunities and complexities involved in launching a new business in this dynamic sector. Whether you are starting a production company, talent agency, music label, or any other entertainment-related venture, Theataccounts has the knowledge and experience to provide tailored support to you.  

Our accounting services for new start-ups encompass a wide range of areas to ensure that you have a solid foundation for your business. We can assist you with entity selection, helping you determine the most suitable legal structure for your venture, whether it be a sole trader, partnership or a limited liability company (LLC), or corporation. We will guide you through the process, considering factors such as liability protection, tax implications, and future growth plans.

Our forward-thinking team can also help you with business registration and licensing requirements, ensuring that you comply with all necessary regulations and obtain the appropriate permits to operate legally within the entertainment industry.

Financial planning and budgeting are crucial aspects of any new start-up, which is why our accountants will work closely with you to develop a comprehensive financial plan, including revenue projections, expense management strategies, and cash flow analysis. Theataccounts can help you create realistic budgets and financial forecasts that align with your business goals, providing you with a roadmap for success.

Tax planning and compliance are essential considerations for new start-ups, and our accountants will guide you through the complexities of the tax landscape.

At our accountancy firm, we value long-term partnerships and are committed to your success beyond the initial start-up phase. You can expect ongoing support and advisory accounting services to help you navigate the challenges and opportunities that arise as your business grows.

Choosing Theataccounts our London accountants for new start-ups in the entertainment industry means partnering with professionals who understand the unique needs and dynamics of this sector.

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